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Bio Partner


Olive Brine Starters and Finishers


Biotechnological research and development for the food and pharmaceutical industry.


SPAIN is the world leader in the .eld of table olives,producing 500,000 tons of different varieties a year.This accounts for 30% of world produce and 75% ofEuropean produce.

GRUPO LA ESPAÑOLA has been the leader in thetable olive industry in Spain since 1941. With packagedproduce amounting to 30,000 tons of olives, it standsout in the market for the quality of its products and its R& D capability.

BIOPARTNER is a company within the GRUPO LAESPAÑOLA group. It doesbiotechnological researchand development for the food and pharmaceuticalindustry.

BIOPARTNER is the leader in table olive products andservices. It provides a full advisory service and one thatmonitors the processes of fermentation andpreservation of table olives.

Our aim is to optimize the fermentation andpreservation processes to ensure the olives’ aroma, favour, colour and texture.

Our mission is to share all our experience andknowledge with our clients/partners regarding any variety and production area around the world.


BIOPARTNER provides a full advisory service andone that monitors the processes of fermentationand preservation of table olives.

This service begins with a prior assessment todiscover the speci.c needs of our client/partner.

We bio-produce our own fermentation-initiatingcultures for direct inoculation in the fermenters.

Our BIOSETUP ensure the fermentation worksproperly, minimizing undesired changes and thus ensuring optimum results.

Throughout this process, we carry out analyses tocheck that the microorganisms are doing their jobin the correct sequence.

With these analyses, we can discover ourmicroorganisms’ effectiveness and activity, and thus we can correct any deviations with the help ofour BIOSETUPS.     

The end result is a fruit of optimal texture,aroma, .avour and taste.